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It´s allready hard to find the right property in your own country, can you imagine how hard it must be in Spain. An ownership abroad is not just about holidays and financial strength. It requires adjustment, confidence and organizational skills. An authorized agency knows the good places, your wishes and the customs of Spain.

Purchasing Procedures

Step 1: The exploration
If you are looking for a property, you need to have a clear picture of how your property must be.
1. The destination of the property.
2. The location.
3. What are the costs at the purchase, but also after the purchase.

Step 2: Contact with Elpremio
If you plan to buy a property in Spain. Elpremio has a very wide range of properties, which are located at several Costas. We will work together to find the property of your dreams . All the preparations will be done in your own environment to give you a more pleasant and quiet feeling.

Step 3: Preparation for a visit
A visit is always an exciting event, so we need to make sure that you are as relaxed as possible. Together we have made a selection of several properties and you know the prices. We attach all information that is important in your own language, and of course you will be accompanied by an employee who knows your selected region, and who can give you more suggestions.

Step 4: The visit / inspection trip
The tour is an exciting adventure, it´s where you will find out if the image you have in mind matches to the reality.

We listen to your wishes, and we will also visit a few alternatives and meet the environment.

Step 5: Purchase
After the purchase it is wise to consult a lawyer. Before signing legal documents they need to be checked by someone not connected to the provider of the property to avoid a possible conflict.

Step 6: The transfer
At that moment the transfer will be done. This will be the in your own language, and there will always be an employee of Elpremio and a lawyer to guide you in this transfer.

Step 7: Registration at the Land Registry
After the owners certificate is signed, we will arrange that owners certificate will be registered in the registry.

Only when the owners certificate is registered in the public register, you are the rightful owner of the property.

Step 8: Insurance
You are now the owner and therefore responsible for your belongings. We will inform you about the insurances needed and make you some offers.

Step 9: Rental and maintenance
After the purchase, the owner will always have the possibility to get a service contract. We can check your property during your absence. We will always be available, even after purchase.

Highlighted properties

  • Villa met 2 slaapkamers in Benitachell - Moraira
    • Price : € 195.000,00
    • Coast : Costa Blanca North
    • City : Benitachell - Moraira
    • Reference : V 7075-2
  • Villa met 4 slaapkamers in Calpe
    • Price : € 450.000,00
    • Coast : Costa Blanca North
    • City : Calpe
    • Reference : V 6004-4
  • Villa met 4 slaapkamers in Benitachell - Moraira
    • Price : € 370.000,00
    • Coast : Costa Blanca North
    • City : Benitachell - Moraira
    • Reference : V 7089-3+1
  • Villa met 3 slaapkamers in Finestrat
    • Price : € 419.000,00
    • Coast : Costa Blanca North
    • City : Finestrat
    • Reference : N V 7125-3
  • Apartment met 2 slaapkamers in Altea
    • Price : € 220.000,00
    • Coast : Costa Blanca North
    • City : Altea
    • Reference : A 6100-2